Starbase Case Studies and Testimonials

Experience and expertise are only as valuable as the willingness to use them. At Starbase, there is no such thing as a routine job; only new challenges that need to be met head on.

"I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation and congratulate you and your team for the outstanding job in the design and fabrication of our new ring based mold wheel. As you know, this project was a departure from our traditional mold wheel designs and required a coordinated effort between ours and the Starbase teams in order for it to be a success. The Starbase Team was excellent to work with throughout all development phases, from design all the way through fabrication. The ring based mold wheel ran the first time without any debug whatsoever (a first for our mold wheels) and produced product exactly centered within the prescribed product tolerence limits. All ring/size changeover/conversions were quick and effortless, a true testament to the thought and execution behind the design and the high quality of work performed. Kudos to the Starbase Team; I truely look forward to working with everyone again on new and future projects."

Case Study 1

A national class consumer brand contacted Starbase with a complex challenge: coordinate development of a new product from concept to test-market production in less than two months.

Case Study 2

During a review of a recent estimate request for the development of a new part, Starbase experience came to the table in a remarkably effective way.