A welcomed complex challenge for Starbase.

Case Study 1

A national class consumer brand contacted Starbase with a complex challenge: coordinate development of a new product from concept to test-market production in less than two months.

Starbase worked in close connection with the client over the next 60 days, collaborating on the core concept, working towards approval from their marketing department, and prototyping initial designs for testing. Complete in-house molding capability and the use of flexible solid modeling techniques for rapid prototyping enabled Starbase to move the client's product rapidly through the development process and into production on final molds. The full quantity of the test-market run was processed in-house on Starbase molding equipment and delivered to the client in time to be packaged and shipped nationwide to the test markets.

This case required intense project coordination at every stage to meet the deadlines. Effective communication and an expert, talented and dedicated workforce were key elements to the success of the project.