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To Produce True "Star" Quality, Our Inspection Starts At the Source ISO 9001:2008 Certification
To insure the molds and bases meet the design requirements, they are subject to first part inspection, in-process inspection at all phases of manufacturing, CMM inspection, and final inspection. Total interchangeability between mold components and mold bases is now expected and delivered. Typical tolerances of .0002 in. (.005mm) are maintained through the use of highly sophisticated CNC machining equipment. Utilization of CMM machines, optical comparators, glass scales, traceable dimensional gauges, sensitive microscopes, and regularly scheduled laser calibration ensures tooling precision, time and time again.
To further measure mold performance, all molds are sampled in our Tech Center prior to shipment. We invite you to tour our facility first hand. You'll see why in a world of uncertainty, you can trust Starbase to deliver. Starbase has maintained ISO 9001:2000 certification since 1997, received the ISO 9001:2008 in June of 2009 and continues to look at ways to improve.

From Specialty Mold Bases to Two Material Molding, We Offer the Best Custom Service Under the Sun.

Mold Bases
Our business was founded on mold base manufacturing (hence our name), and custom mold base fabrication remains a valued part of annual production. We build-to-order fully-machined stainless steel bases that are cost competitive. Our precision manufacturing ensures complete interchangeability and conformance to your specifications, enabling you to assemble and sample your mold the same day the mold base arrives.

Large Solid Block Molds
While Starbase Technologies is know for production of multi-cavity, high volume molds, we are also one of the few manufacturers in the Northeast equipped to manufacture molds weighing up to 20,000 lbs., capable of producing 30" wide plastic parts. If you have an unusual size or shape part to produce, send your specifications to Starbase. Working with our staff, you'll gain a wealth of experience along the learning curve and discover insights you can apply to future product designs.

Redesigned and refurbished molds can find a new beginning at Starbase. Our skilled mold makers and engineers can add extended utility to meet new parameters or execute needed repairs to worn or damaged equipment.